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Some Basics About Your Use of The Great Leisure Time Service.

We reserve the right to refuse any material which we feel is defamatory, offensive or of an obscene or menacing nature, or which may, in our judgement, cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety to any person. This can be taken to include any material which is unlawful, threatening, abusive, malicious, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, blasphemous, profane or otherwise objectionable in any way. You agree not to post, link or transmit: (a) any material containing a virus or other hostile computer program. (b) any material which constitutes, or encourages the commission of, a criminal offence or which infringes any patent, trade mark, design right, copyright or any other intellectual property right or similar rights of any person which may subsist under the laws of any jurisdiction.

NOTE: Pornography and sex-related merchandising are PROHIBITED on the Great Leisure Time web site.  

Domain Name Registration.

Great Leisure Time make no representation that the domain name that you wish to register is capable of being registered by or for you or that it will be registered in your name. You should therefore not assume registration of your requested domain names(s) until you have been notified that it has or they have been registered. Any action taken by you before such action is at your own risk. The registration and use of your domain name is subject to the terms and conditions of use applied by the relevant naming authority; you shall ensure that you are aware of those terms and conditions and comply with them. you shall have no right to bring a claim against Great Leisure Time in respect of refusal to register a domain name or cancellation of the domain name by the relevant naming authority. Any administration charge paid by you to Great Leisure Time shall be non-refundable not withstanding refusal by the naming authority to register your desired domain name. Great Leisure Time shall have no liability in respect to the use by you of any domain name; any dispute between you and any other person must be resolved between the parties concerned in such dispute. If any such dispute arises, Great Leisure Time shall be entitled, at our discretion and without giving any reason, to withhold, suspend or cancel the domain name. Great Leisure Time shall also be entitled to make representations to the relevant naming authority but will not be obliged to take part in any such dispute. Great Leisure Time give no warranty that your domain name is or will continue to be available for your use or that no domain name will be registered which conflicts with your domain name or which otherwise affects your use of your domain name. Great Leisure Time shall not release any domain to another provider unless full payment for that domain has been received by us.

Charges and Payment.

All payments must be in UK Pounds Sterling. If your cheque is returned by the bank as unpaid for any reason, you will be liable for a "returned cheque" charge of £35.00. All charges payable by you for services provided by Great Leisure Time shall be in accordance with any quotations provided to you and shall be payable in advance of our service provision. Charges are exclusive of "Value Added Tax" which shall, if applicable, be paid additionally by you at the rate prescribed by law on submission by us of a proper VAT invoice. Without prejudice to our other rights and remedies under this agreement, if any sum payable is not paid on or before the due date, Great Leisure Time shall be entitled forthwith to suspend the provision of services to you. If such suspension is imposed, you will be liable for a "reconnection" charge of £25.00

Matters Beyond Great Leisure Time Reasonable Control.

Great Leisure Time is not liable for any breach of this contract or liable for any delays or failure in performance of any part of these conditions and its commitments when caused as a result of Force Majeure, war, civil disorder, industrial disputes, inclement weather, acts of local or central government or other competent authorities, and failure by other service providers.

Warranty and Liability.

You agree that the Great Leisure Time service is supplied or made available for your personal use only and that your use of this service is at your sole risk. Great Leisure Time does not make any warranty, representation or undertaking that you will be able to access the web site at a time or from any location of your choosing, or that there will be adequate capacity. However, Great Leisure Time will use all skill and care to meet your requirements. Any use you make of our site, or any reliance on it is entirely at your own risk. Great Leisure Time shall not be liable to you or any third party for any loss or damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential) arising out of use of our site or our design and provision of a web site or web address or otherwise connected to this agreement, including for any loss of data, profit, revenue or business, however caused (whether arising out of any negligence or breach of this agreement or otherwise), even if that loss or damage was foreseeable by, or the possibility of it was brought to the attention of, Great Leisure Time. You should effect and maintain adequate insurance cover in respect of any loss or damage to data stored with your service provider. You acknowledge that Great Leisure Time has no control over the information transmitted via the services we provide and that Great Leisure Time does not examine the use to which you put the service or the nature of the information you are sending or receiving. Great Leisure Time hereby excludes all liability of any kind for the transmission or reception of information of whatever nature. Great Leisure Time undertakes no liability whatsoever for the acts or omissions of other providers of telecommunication service or for faults in or failures of their apparatus. Our total aggregate liability to you for any claim in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise arising out of or in connection with the provision of our services shall be limited to the charges paid by you in respect of the services which are the subject of any such claim. In any event no claim shall be brought unless you have notified Great Leisure Time of the claim within one year of it arising.

Your Personal Information.

Personal information is any data that identifies you or relates to you. The personal data, which you supply to us, you agree to supply accurately and to keep up to date. We will only deal with your personal data in compliance with current UK Data Protection legislation. We will treat all required passwords disclosed to us in the strictest confidence. We may disclose your personal data if we are either compelled to do so by law, or in response to a valid, legally compliant request by a law enforcement or government authority.

Use of this web site confirms your acceptance that some of the third party links within the Great Leisure Time web site may place and read cookies on your browser, or use web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served on the Great Leisure Time website.


You shall indemnify Great Leisure Time and keep us indemnified and hold us harmless from and against any breach by you of these terms of business and any claim brought against Great Leisure Time by a third party resulting from the provision of services by us to you and your use of the services including, without limitation, all claims, actions, proceedings, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal costs and expenses), howsoever suffered or incurred by Great Leisure Time in consequences of your breach or non-observance of this Agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights.

You shall obtain any and all necessary consents and clearances to enable you lawfully to make use of all and any intellectual property rights through our services including without limitation, clearance and/or consents in respect of your proposed domain name.


This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England & Wales

No Waiver.

If you or we fail to exercise any right or remedy under this agreement, that failure will not operate as a waiver of that right or remedy , or prevent it from being exercised subsequently.


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